Harley-Davidson Crankshaft Balancing

As part of our Harley crankshaft rebuilding service, we also carry out balancing using the static method and S&S supplied equipment. This is supplemented with our own manufactured tooling that allows us to balance 45 cranks.

Crankshaft Balancing

Notice the number of holes drilled in this Shovelhead crankshaft to achieve correct balance for the components used.

Since Harley cranks are very narrow and relatively low revving, they do not suffer from a rocking couple along their length (unlike a four cylinder crank, for example). This means that there is no need for dynamic balancing, and therefore statically balancing each flywheel individually yields excellent results.

Most OEM cranks are way off in this respect, and even previously, correctly balanced cranks, need redoing if the weights of any of the components are changed. This is typically as a result of heavier con rods or different piston brands. We use different balance factors (typically between 52 and 60%) depending on model and application.


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