Recommended Harley-Davidson engine rebuilds and performance upgrades

All of our Harley performance upgrades are based on considerable experience in this field, not conjecture or just repeating manufacturers catalogue information. Using only the highest quality parts, assembly and machining techniques, and correct tuning, maximises the performance and gives excellent reliability and longevity.

The correct combination of components that interact well, and suit the bike's weight, gearing and riding style is essential to achieving the desired result. Since we have always, and continue to be, heavily involved in R&D, our performance combinations always yield a predictable and consistent outcome. We do not sell parts that we know won't work, and neither will we sell anything that we are not capable of installing and tuning.

Read through our recommendations first, and then call or e-mail us so that we can discuss and confirm the suitability of your choice. If you only drive a mile to the supermarket once a week, we won't try and sell you a Porsche 911. If you want to sit on the autobahn at three figure speeds, then you'll need more than a Morris Minor...

Powerglides - Engine/Parts Clean Room

All of our Harley engine rebuilding is carried out in a dedicated engine assembly room. Nothing comes in here until it is scrupulously cleaned and ready for assembly. Even the tools we use in here are only used in this environment.


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