Harley-Davidson Engine Parts

Harley-Davidson Engine Parts

As many of you who have been around Harleys for a while will be aware, there is a massive choice of engine parts available. Irrespective of whether a Harley engine is being rebuilt close to stock, or whether a substantial performance upgrade is sought, we need to carefully choose the parts involved to ensure reliability. Sadly, it is still the case that many aftermarket parts are of substandard quality, and it is also the case that an otherwise well designed and manufactured part can cause problems if used in the wrong application.

In some instances, when appropriate, we will supply genuine Harley-Davidson parts, although mainly we use higher quality aftermarket items either to cope with the added performance levels, or to correct known reliability issues. Unlike many suppliers, we have considerable "hands on" experience of the parts that we sell. This includes any required machining of related components, installation, tuning, and actual usage. An oversize set of Wiseco pistons will require the cylinders to be bored and honed, which we can do here. An S&S rod set will require the crankshaft to be balanced, assembled, and trued, which we can also do here. Supplying the parts is only part of the equation.

We also have a number of customers (including other shops), who can competently assemble an engine, and in these cases we can tailor the parts/machining/sub assembly package to suit. Or, of course, we can carry out the whole job. This includes engine removal and installation, parts supply, machining, assembly, dyno break in and tuning, all as a "turn key" package.

To try and keep this potentially complex section simple, we have divided it first into the different engine types, and then sub divided them as an engine would likely be disassembled. Not surprisingly, valves can be found in the Cylinder Head section and rod sets in the Crankshaft section. We have "cherry picked" the parts that have always proven reliable and suitable for the performance level aspired to. Sorry, but we do not offer any machining, assembly, installation, or technical support services for parts purchased elsewhere.

This bottom end is from a 1995 fuel injection Evolution Big Twin Electraglide

For the benefit of our customers who are quite capable of assembling their own engines, but lack the facility to deal with the "tricky bits" we can supply the relevant parts and limit our services to these areas.

This bottom end is from a 1995 fuel injection Evolution Big Twin Electraglide. We supplied the pistons, valves, guides, S&S rod set, S&S oil pump, and S&S crankcases. We have balanced and assembled the crank, installed it in the new cases with the correct bearing clearances and end float, bored and honed the cylinders, and rebuilt the cylinder heads. Final assembly will be by a competent customer.


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