Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster Fuel Injection Overview

The Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster was the last model to aquire the excellent Delphi fuel injection system, and this happened for the start of the 2007 model year. Aside from the obvious wiring changes, and the use of a throttle body in place of the CV40 carburettor, there are also some other differences in the engine.

Whilst the ports in the 883 heads remained unchanged, the 1200 heads have slightly different ports, and both models have a spread bolt pattern for the wider intake flanges. The intake faces are also machined a little deeper, as the manifold section of the one piece throttle body is wider than the CV manifold. There is also a temperature sensor in the rear head.

Starting as a running change in Febuary 2008, the construction of the 883 cylinders changed, and as a result, these can no longer be overbored to recieve the 883-1200 conversion piston kits.

The solution to this is our 883-1250 conversion cylinder and piston kits.

The fuel injection Sportsters all use the W grind camshafts from the factory. The combination of these W grind cams and the use of fuel injection give better throttle response and more power. Our own testing on completely stock 883s has shown a 4 hp difference.

All of the fuel injection Sportsters use a closed loop system, and have oxygen sensors in the exhaust header pipes. 2007-2013 use 18mm narrow band sensors, whilst the 2014 models use heated 12mm sensors. The 2014 models also use a CANbus communication system and a new ECM and software level.

As the UK's leading Harley-Davidson engine and fuel injection specialist, we properly develop, and test, all of the Sportster performance upgrade kits that we supply. Correct tuning is a requirement to accomodate any changes, whether it be a basic Sportster stage 1, or a Sportster big bore conversion kit with camshafts and ported cylinder heads. Our Direct Link flash tuning software and Superflow dyno ensures realising the best performance, fuel economy, and engine life from any of our well devoloped kits.


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