Supertrapp for Harley-Davidson XR1200

Supertrapp on a Harley-Davidson XR1200

XR1200 Supertrapp exhaust system, supplied, installed and dyno tuned here. Accurate remapping of the Harley fuel injection with the dyno and our Direct Link Flash Tuner software gets the best from it, and ensures no driveability issues. 80ft/lb of torque and 90hp makes this a fun bike to ride.

Supertrapp for XR1200

Supertrapp megaphone complete stainless steel exhaust system for the Harley XR1200. All Harleys, particularly the rubber mounted models, are brutal on the exhaust system, and we've already seen a lot of low mileage failures on other exhausts for the XR1200. However, this system, which we also run on our own bike, is proving immensely durable. It also makes good power, with a nice torque curve, and is not overly loud. Remapping of the XR1200 fuel injection system and removal of the flap in the airbox, is also required.


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