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For anyone with no, or limited, experience, who is thinking of a Harley performance upgrade, the choices and options are an absolute minefield. There are a number of issues to be dealt with, including parts quality, getting streetable performance for the way that you ride, engine longevity, installation, and getting all the parts to interact correctly.

Reading through any of the suppliers catalogs and trying to work out which "brand X" camshaft will work with "brand Y" pistons and "brand Z" cylinder heads can be fraught with blind alleys, installation, tuning, and driveability problems, not to mention the disappointment and expense of doing it all again.

We've been there too in the past, particularly in the early days. Standing at a shop counter, thumbing through the books, will it work, won't it work, who knows? "It should work", or, "Urm.. yeah, that might do it", isn't what we need to hear when opening our wallets. And then, 20 years ago, we discovered Head Quarters, and haven't looked back since. All of the HQ parts listed here are designed by a motorcyclist, who had previous experience of other offerings, and set out to build a better mousetrap. Since we have used so many of these parts, not just selling them, but installing, tuning, and using them ourselves, we have more experience with these excellent products than anyone else in Europe.

Our workmanship and tuning experience gets the best from these parts, and the high quality and thoughtful design of these parts gets the best from our abilities. By sticking with the program, performance Harley engine building has never been as easy, as predictable, or as reliable as it is today. Using Head Quarters parts makes our job simpler. They do exactly what it says on the tin.


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