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At Powerglides, we have the advantage of Boz having had a formal four year engineering apprenticeship. Couple this with 5 years at college and more than a decade working in R&D in the Aerospace and Defence industry to very fine tolerances, and it's not surprising that the additional 20 years spent remachining Harley engine components gives the reliable results enjoyed.

clearancing piston skirt

Keith Black hypereutectic pistons for an Evolution 106" motor require the skirts to be machined for piston to piston clearance at BDC.

All of our machinery is well maintained, high end, industrial quality. We have also designed and built many work holding machining fixtures that allow these machines to readily perform all of the machining operations that we list here, to the highest standards. We also use very accurate, calibrated, measuring equipment to ensure that we always work to aerospace levels of tolerance. The rewards from this level of investment, training, and experience are remachined engine parts that are more accurate and consistent than the mass produced OEM items. This is a major factor in the performance and lifespan of our engine work.

modifying Delkron FXR casing

Machining a Delkron FXR gearbox casing to allow the engine and box to be offset to accommodate a wider rear tyre.


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