Harley-Davidson Rod Reconditioning

Harley connecting rods are very strong, and failure of the rods themselves is rare. This makes them suitable for rebuilding. We can resize, or replace and then size, the big end rod races. We hone the installed rod races to the correct surface finish and hold the chosen size to one ten thousandth of an inch (.0001") .

Rod Reconditioning

Wrist pin bushings are bored on a fixture, to ensure correct axis alignment with the big end.

We always change the small end (wrist pin) bushes, and using a specialist fixture, designed and built here, we bore the installed bushes in perfect axis alignment to the big end. We then finish hone the bushes for perfect sizing to the gudgeon pin (wrist pin) being used. We do not ream these bushes because that process cannot guarantee proper alignment.

Needless to say, we only use very accurate, calibrated, measuring equipment, to ensure that the all important clearances are dead on.

We only use the highest quality crank pins, rod races, bearing sets and bushes. Typically from S&S or Jims. We do not use the cheaper, sub standard, parts from other suppliers, as the metallurgy and heat treatment is often suspect, and service life is dramatically reduced as a result.

In the event of the rods not being suitable for rebuilding, then we will supply complete rod sets from either S&S or Jims. We check, and confirm, all clearances before installation. We do not supply, or recommend the use of, the "non branded" rod sets.


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