Harley-Davidson Performance Upgrades Sportster Carburetted 883-1200 kits

Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster 883-1200 Conversion

Whilst a fine motorcycle in it's own right, the 883 Evolution Sportster is noticeably underpowered, and requires a lot of throttle twisting and gear changing to make swift progress. Converting these to 1200cc by boring out the existing cylinders to suit the 883-1200 conversion pistons that we supply, yields a substantial increase in horsepower, and more importantly, torque. In fact, this popular, basic, conversion gives the most "bang for the buck" of any Harley performance upgrade.

What this translates to in the real world, is far better throttle response, less gear changing, and an excellent "roll on" for safer overtaking.

Many of our customers use their Sportsters for the daily commute to work through heavy traffic, and this conversion is highly recommended for this type of riding.

Carburetted models that already have an acceptable "stage 1" kit only require minor tuning adjustments (we strongly recommend retaining the CV carb), but the 2007 and later, fuel injected models MUST be remapped on the dyno, which we can do here.

Sportster 883-1200 conversions

We offer this as a ride in, ride out service, and because the machining is done here, we can do this with a short turnaround by prior arrangement. For those customers who prefer to do the work themselves, we can machine your cylinders to our supplied pistons and gasket kit.

Sportster 883-1200 conversions

And for those that want more, we also offer a number of higher performance upgrades. These use different pistons though, so to save duplicating the costs involved at a later date, we recommend viewing these other options first.

Please note that Harley-Davidson changed the construction of the 883 cylinders in 2009 and these cannot be bored out to 1200. New (or earlier) cylinders will be required.

parts used in our 1200 conversion kit for the Harley-Davidson Sportster 883

These are the parts used in our 1200 conversion kit for the Harley-Davidson Sportster 883.

The Wiseco forged pistons are dished to give the correct compression ratio with the small 883 combustion chambers. Their weights are close to that of the original 883 pistons, so crank balance is unaffected. A James top end gasket kit for the appropriate year group (91-03 shown), completes the parts list for most applications. We then bore and hone the original 883 cylinders to suit the Wiseco 1200 conversion pistons. This popular and reliable capacity increase still gives the best "bang for the buck" of any of the Harley performance upgrades.


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