Harley-Davidson Performance Upgrades Sportster Carburetted Overview

Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster overview

Introduced in 1986 as an 883 and an 1100, the Evolution Sportster is a great improvement on the Ironhead that it replaced. The 1100 was quickly superceded by the 1200 as it rapidly became apparent how strong and tuneable these engines are. The introduction of the 5 speed transmission in 1991, which also involved relocating the alternator from the clutch basket to the end of the crank (like the Big Twins), all but cured any transmission problems. The 5 speed also saw the introduction of head breathers, lifters that run directly in the crankcase, and eventually an upgraded oil pump.

The 2000 models had further significant changes, including a redesigned crankcase that allowed the use of the Twin Cam lifters, and a press fit crank assembly.

2004 saw the introduction of the rubbermount frame, redesigned crankcases and better cylinder heads. For 2007 we waved goodbye to carburettors in favour of fuel injection.

We are great fans of the Evo Sportsters , and we definitely do not consider them to be just a cheap way of acquiring a Harley. Having owned two 4 speeds, two 5 speeds, a Buell Thunderbolt, and an XR1200, we are well aware of their great tuning potential, as well as the many performance upgrades suitable for commuting, touring, or even racing.

Since we have a machine shop, a dyno, and substantial experience with these motors, we can offer everything from an 883-1200 conversion to a complete engine rebuild. We also supply, and fit, (including any machining required) a number of very fast performance upgrades, including big bore and stroker conversions, as well as camshafts and cylinder heads. Tuning, as always, is important, which is why we have our Superflow dyno. The fuel injection models equally benefit from these performance upgrades, and we can, of course, correctly tune these.


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