Harley-Davidson Performance Upgrades Sportster Carburetted Stroker Kits

Stroker and Big Bore Conversions for Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster

As with all Harley-Davidson performance engine building, we get to the stage where there is, quite simply, "no replacement for displacement". Whilst we can get a substantial power increase from the standard 74" capacity, enlarging the engine by using bigger bore cylinders and even a longer stroke crankshaft, opens up a whole new world of serious performance. The relatively light weight (by H-D standards) of a Sportster, coupled with the massive torque increase that these conversions can produce, give a scarily fast motorcycle.

Sportsters have always been excellent, and relatively cheap, (again, by H-D standards) raw material for those with serious aspirations for reliable high performance. These are not "bolt on" upgrades, and also require reworked cylinder heads, camshafts, crankcase machining, and competent engine building techniques, as well as a decent exhaust and intake system.

Since we have always specialised in this type of work, we can tailor the package to suit any riding style. And with our "in house" machine shop and dyno tuning facility, we can offer any of these higher performance upgrades as turn key packages, including the fuel injection models.

Component parts of an S&S 89 big bore stroker kit for the Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster

Component parts of an S&S 89" big bore stroker kit for the Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster. Reworked cylinder heads, camshafts, ignition system, and an appropriate intake and exhaust system also determine how the power is produced.


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