Dyno tuning Harley-Davidson carbs

Our Superflow Cycledyn lends itself very well to tuning Harleys with carburettors. Historically, most dyno tuners have set up carbs using wide open throttle (WOT) inertia runs. Whilst we also do this, much of our time is spent using the load control of the dyno, and the lambda sensors, to concentrate on the part throttle openings, which is where street motorcycles spend most of their life.

Dyno Tuning Harley-Davidson Carbs

88" Hogbitz Sportster cafe racer being dyno tuned.

We've always had very good results with the much misunderstood standard CV carb using the Head Quarters jet kits. In fact, we do not see much performance gain with the aftermarket carbs until we're at the 100hp level. Please refer to the technical article section for more information on how we deal with these.

We also stock a full range of jets, needles and service parts for the Mikuni 42/45/48 and the S&S E and G, as well as the CV.

Another aspect of tuning which is commonly overlooked is the importance of ignition timing and the interaction between timing and fuel. All engines with a compression increase require a different ignition setting which is best achieved with a fully programmable system. We supply the Head Quarters ignitions and use their tuning software in conjunction with the dyno so that we can dial in the timing requirements at different engine loads and rpm levels. This gives excellent fuel economy, crisp throttle response, and the best driveability. We do not throw fuel at a timing problem.

a highly modified Evolution Sportster used in the Super Twins drag racing series

Our Superflow Cycledyn has a carriage extension that accommodates Harley-Davidsons that are longer than stock. This is a highly modified Evolution Sportster used in the Super Twins drag racing series.


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