Dyno tuning Harley-Davidson EFI

(Electronic Fuel Injection)

Harley introduced fuel injection during the 1995 model year on the Ultraglide (FLHTCUi) during the Evolution era, and with the arrival of the Twin Cam some models were available with a choice of either a carburettor or fuel injection. Everything for 2007 and later (including the Sportsters) is only available as EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection). Whilst it may well be the case that ever tightening emissions regulations have caused the move to EFI, it also true that the change to the Delphi engine management system has brought with it tremendous tuning potential. Any modification that alters the engine's ability to breathe, whether it be an air cleaner change, exhaust system, cams, heads, or a capacity increase, changes the fueling requirement. A compression increase also requires a change to the ignition maps. If any of this is not done correctly, then at best we have an under performing engine with driveability issues, or at worst, a short engine life.

Dyno Tuning EFI

Harley fuel injection is complex, and to correctly tune it, requires similar technology.

Unfortunately, much of the market despises this new technology because of it's complexity and the cost of dealing with EFI properly. However, we have chosen to embrace it and to that end we have installed our state of the art Superflow Eddy Current dyno and Technoresearch Direct Link Flash Tuner engine management facility.

Using these two products together we can measure and record every signal that the Harley Delphi ECM (Electronic Control Module) receives and puts out at all throttle positions and engine loads, and remap it accordingly. This includes everything from fuel injector duty cycle to ignition timing adjustments on each cylinder. We have full control over the way the engine runs, which is not the case with the "piggy back" add on fuelers. The Direct Link Flash Tuner system allows us to remap the factory ECM and nothing is left connected to the bike afterwards, and because we are using the stock ECM, any Harley dealer, worldwide, can still use their Digital Technician for diagnostics.

State of the art, Dyno Tuning EFI

This Softail Crossbones, although only a "stage 1" upgrade, was not running well with the 'brand X' fueler fitted.

It was sent here by the supplying dealer to be remapped using our Direct Link Flash Tuning software and Superflow dyno.

We've met this new technology head on, with up to date technology of our own, which is (importantly) supplemented with 20 years of professional Harley engine building and tuning experience.

So, whether you have a "Stage 1" with driveability issues, or you want one of our Torque Monster engine conversions, we can tune it correctly.

cable operated throttle body and larger fuel injectors

58mm cable operated throttle body and larger fuel injectors for one of our Harley Twin Cam 120" EFI performance upgrades.

At this level, dyno tuning and accurate remapping of the Harley fuel injection system is essential. There is no point in spending this sort of money on an engine upgrade and leaving power on the table. Neither is it worth the shortened engine life that an incorrect tune will cause.


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